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Tariff Guide for Residential Customers

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UK Calls (Popular)

Country / Call TypeCall Connection Charge
Day Rate
Pence Per Minute
Evening Rate
Pence Per Minute
Weekend Rate
Pence Per Minute
UK National Geographic (local / national)5777
UK Mobile5101010
UK Local Special Services (0845)5777
UK National Special Services (0870)5777
UK National Non Geographic (03 Numbers)5777

International Calls (Popular)

Country / Call TypeCall Connection Charge
Day Rate
Pence Per Minute
Evening Rate
Pence Per Minute
Weekend Rate
Pence Per Minute
South Africa5121212

International and all over UK Calls

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Country / Call TypeCall Connection Charge
Day Rate
Pence Per Minute
Evening Rate
Pence Per Minute
Weekend Rate
Pence Per Minute

UK Fixed Fee 1600015.05
UK Fixed Fee 1700020.42
UK Fixed Fee 1800036.31
UK Fixed Fee 1900041.7
UK Fixed Fee 2000046.94
UK Fixed Fee 21000158.9
UK Fixed Fee 2400084.35
UK Fixed Fee 25000127.01
UK Fixed Fee 26000132.26
UK Fixed Fee 27000137.64
UK Fixed Fee 280.960.860.8410.13
UK Fixed Fee 290.960.860.844.58
UK Fixed Fee 3000068.34
UK Fixed Fee 3100015.16
UK Fixed Fee 3200089.6
UK Fixed Fee 3300034.51
UK Fixed Fee 34000100.46
UK Fixed Fee 35000151.2
UK Fixed Fee 3600049.8
UK Fixed Fee 3700059.94
UK Fixed Fee 3800070.07
UK Fixed Fee 39000110.62
UK Fixed Fee 40000130.91
UK Fixed Fee 41000141.04
UK Fixed Fee 4200039.61
UK Fixed Fee 4300029.51
UK Fixed Fee 4400080.17
UK Mobile O210.0110.0110.015
UK Mobile Voice and Data42.9829.4516.516
UK Mobile Virtual 134.5634.0633.916
UK Mobile Virtual 225.324.7924.676
Mobile telephone - fm1342.2435.8820.0513.61
UK Mobile Cable and Wireless15.8415.2415.176
UK Mobile fm1728.1927.8327.776.8
UK Mobile Other26.7626.2826.216
UK Mobile T Mobile10.0110.0110.015
UK Mobile Orange10.0110.0110.015
UK Mobile Vodafone10.0110.0110.015
UK Mobile Hutchison 3G10.0110.0110.015
UK Mobile Opal36.7216.2216.16
UK Mobile BT Fusion30.8921.6217.56
UK Freephone0000
UK Wi Fi Services 123.3322.9214.260
UK Wi Fi Services 1012.6712.1912.120
UK Wi Fi Services 1214.2613.8213.780
UK Wi Fi Services 221.4315.4311.180
UK Wi Fi Services 328.1820.515.020
UK Wi Fi Services 423.869.778.020
UK Wi Fi Services 521.431512.120
UK Wi Fi Services 616.9711.1411.040
UK Wi Fi Services 717.1817.3317.780
UK FW8 Rate - Voice & Data33.3422.117.780
UK Wi Fi Services 927.9127.5327.410
UK Premium Rate G117.311.5210.440
UK Special Services g29.175.454.460
UK Internet Services G34.823.122.7412.9
UK Internet Services G49.7916.4910.610
UK Internet Services G50000
UK Premium Rate G614.4216.5616.970
UK Special Services g729.2130.4629.860
UK Special Services g84.734.754.780
UK Special Services g97.26.626.670
UK Special Services g109.1410.0310.420
UK Special Services g1113.2714.1114.690
UK Special Services g1216.6116.8216.660
UK Special Services g1319.4219.6119.630
UK Special Services g1421.3821.6222.060
UK Special Services g1524.0523.6423.90
UK Special Services g167.787.496.670
UK Special Services g1710.110.28.90
UK Special Services g189.414.273.430
UK Special Services g199.65.523.650
UK Special Services g2015.3611.7410.20
UK Special Services g212.471.31.180
UK Special Services g223.243.463.480
UK Special Services g2321.3815.317.80
UK Special Services g2410.5111.1111.185
UK Special Services g2522.0322.6322.7310.13
UK Special Services g2612.3811.46.140
UK Special Services g275.715.766.360
UK Special Services g288.288.48.620
Guernsey Mobile37.327.8619.326
UK Internet Services i114.1415.9415.430
UK Internet Services i228.4426.8830.70
UK Internet Services i35.476.866.670
UK Internet Services i47.789.128.420
UK Internet Services i510.0810.7810.70
UK Internet Services i873.54103.9163.90
UK Internet Services i916.4616.716.660
UK Internet Services i1018.7720.4720.350
UK Internet Services i1121.121.2921.240
UK Internet Services i1223.423.5923.540
UK Internet Services i1310.089.126.670
UK Internet Services i149.555.473.430
UK Internet Services i159.965.043.50
UK Internet Services i1612.2612.9612.890
UK Internet Services i1711.818.526.580
UK Internet Services i1811.388.36.460
UK Internet Services i1910.928.116.340
UK Internet Services i2010.467.926.220