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Tariff Guide for Residential Customers

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UK Calls (Popular)

Country / Call TypeCall Connection Charge
Day Rate
Pence Per Minute
Evening Rate
Pence Per Minute
Weekend Rate
Pence Per Minute
UK National Geographic (local / national)5777
UK Mobile5101010
UK Local Special Services (0845)5777
UK National Special Services (0870)5777
UK National Non Geographic (03 Numbers)5777

International Calls (Popular)

Country / Call TypeCall Connection Charge
Day Rate
Pence Per Minute
Evening Rate
Pence Per Minute
Weekend Rate
Pence Per Minute
South Africa5121212

International and all over UK Calls

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Country / Call TypeCall Connection Charge
Day Rate
Pence Per Minute
Evening Rate
Pence Per Minute
Weekend Rate
Pence Per Minute

UK Internet Services i217.944.633.820
UK Internet Services i2210.98.266.550
UK Internet Services i239.417.756.460
UK Internet Services i249.728.046.670
UK Internet Services i259.417.946.670
UK Internet Services i2612.3810.396.670
UK Internet Services i3010.668.933.50
UK Internet Services i3312.1910.666.050
UK International Operator264.62263.98263.810
Jersey Mobile35.6926.6918.586
UK Local Special Services (0845)771.015
UK Multi Media Services 15.957.978.2816.13
UK Multi Media Services 23.530027.1
UK Multi Media Services 33.530054.18
UK Multi Media Services 43.530026.96
UK Multi Media Services 53.530021.67
UK Multi Media Services 63.675.666.5327.1
UK Multi Media Services 75.882.591.927.1
UK Information Services35.436.7738.060
UK National Special Services (0870)771.765
UK National Non Geographic (03 Numbers)771.765
UK National Operator27.8227.3627.2961.51
UK Premium Rate P0338.45339.24339.70
UK Premium Rate P1113.3595.8392.020
UK Premium Rate P2115.58107.11105.430
UK Premium Rate P3227.52233.47231.170
UK Premium Rate P4113.35113.93114.360
UK Premium Rate P5114.82117.84120.620
UK Premium Rate P660.4660.4861.780
UK Premium Rate P7144.05145.03145.340
UK Premium Rate P8175.2174.05175.080
UK Premium Rate P924.6724.7925.060
UK Premium Rate P1079.9280.3880.450
UK Premium Rate P11294.31294.91295.060
UK Premium Rate P1236.4836.7937.080
UK Premium Rate P1348.148.4848.790
UK Premium Rate P1469.5569.4670.920
UK Premium Rate P1592.1692.7192.860
UK Premium Rate P16102.91102.86103.130
UK Premium Rate P17124.56124.92125.040
UK Premium Rate P18149.62151.82151.90
UK Premium Rate P19160.27160.85161.30
UK Premium Rate P20187.78202.13208.010
UK Premium Rate P21193.8194.38194.830
UK Premium Rate P22202.8217.61206.710
UK Premium Rate P23218.35217.22221.230
UK Premium Rate P24249.62250.25250.70
UK Premium Rate P25271.61272.93273.770
UK Premium Rate P26318.62358.82349.940
UK Premium Rate P2715.3115.514.470
UK Premium Rate P2887.6765.5932.780
UK Premium Rate P2966.4641.6636.140
UK Premium Rate P30126.7491.1583.090
UK Premium Rate P3132.2832.6632.880
UK Premium Rate P3243.6343.6343.90
UK Premium Rate P33283.13283.75284.230
UK Premium Rate P34133.1133.7133.8262.96
UK Premium Rate P35110.76111.36111.4652.33
UK Premium Rate P3699.6100.18100.2747.08
UK Premium Rate P3721.5814.958.180
UK Premium Rate P3817.317.8318.260
UK Premium Rate P3919.5620.0920.520
UK Premium Rate P4021.7722.322.730
UK Premium Rate P4124.0224.6524.840
UK Premium Rate P4222.0122.6122.710.18
UK Premium Rate P43337.54338.66338.81158.9
UK Premium Rate P44221.45222.05222.1105.08
UK Premium Rate P5500051.12
UK Premium Rate P5600061.5
UK Premium Rate P5700071.75
UK Premium Rate P58000102.49
UK Premium Rate P62000153.73
UK Pagers & Voice Messaging12.226.125.110
UK Personal Numbering pn138.5226.7411.760
UK Personal Numbering pn2104.95106.92107.260
UK Personal Numbering pn3101.7683.1184.070
UK Personal Numbering pn450.9554.4155.340
UK Personal Numbering pn531.0834.5135.470
UK Personal Numbering pn637.741.1642.120
UK Personal Numbering pn72.280054.18
UK Personal Numbering pn837.6841.1142.050
UK Personal Numbering pn945.4348.8949.820
UK Personal Numbering pn1070.8574.2875.220
UK Personal Numbering pn1179.6861.0361.970
UK Personal Numbering pn1253.1856.6257.550
UK Personal Numbering pn1379.6883.1184.070
UK Personal Numbering pn1458.6862.1463.070
UK Personal Numbering pn1529.8129.4529.380
UK Personal Numbering pn1632.0431.6831.610
UK Personal Numbering pn1726.6630.1231.060
UK Personal Numbering pn1828.8732.333.260
UK Personal Numbering pn1915.6219.0820.020
UK Personal Numbering pn2046.5449.9950.930
UK Personal Numbering pn2179.1582.6183.570
UK Personal Numbering pn228.023.622.570
UK Messaging Services C16.499.725.710
UK Personal Numbering D20.7814.0913.990
UK Personal Numbering E5.095.145.110
UK Personal Numbering F48.7734.227.070
UK Personal Numbering J52.3236.9815.50